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Bookmarks Xbox Series X Price May Be More Expensive Than You Think

Still Xbox Series X price is just a mystery!However, most recently Microsoft suggests something about price that Xbox Series X price may be ,ore expensive than you think.

This week Microsoft hosted a presentation at the Hot Chips technology conference. During this presentation, the Xbox Series X naturally came up. And during this segment, Microsoft hinted that it's been having trouble keeping costs down.

More specifically, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox Series X contains a staggering 15.4 billion transistors. For reference, the Xbox One has 6.6 billion. But that's not where Microsoft is struggling with costs. This struggle comes courtesy of chip manufacturing, which has gone up in cost.

Microsoft reveals that the Xbox Series X is working with TSMC’s “enhanced” 7-nanometer technology, which costs more than the Xbox One's 16nm tech. The yield rate of the 7nm process is also lower, which doesn't help.

The Xbox Series X is set to release sometime this holiday season, and the current expectations are it will cost somewhere between $500 and $600.
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